Attendance & Participation

 Attendance/Participation Policy


1Policy Statement

  • Selskar College subscribes to and conforms all relevant statutory legislation.

2Parental Responsibility

  • Selskar College affirms that parents have the primary responsibility for ensuring that children of compulsory school-going age attend school regularly once they are enrolled at school, and bearing in mind that they are obliged to complete three years of post-primary education up to their eighteenth birthday.

  • Selskar College affirms that parents have a social responsibility to ensure that students attend school regularly regardless of age or status and they should ensure that their children complete their education.

  • Selskar College affirms that parents have a statutory obligation to notify the school principal or his/her nominee, in the form of a written explanation or a doctor’s cert, explaining the reason for each absence.

3Principal’s Responsibility

  • A register of all students who have been admitted to the school will be maintained by the Principal of Selskar College.

  • Selskar College affirms that a student, who has not reached the age of 16 years or who has not completed three years of post-primary education, cannot be removed from the register, except

  • For inter-school transfer and then only after all details regarding attendance and educational progress have been issued to the new school.

  • Where for whatever reason a student is removed from the school under the Education (Welfare) Act 2000 Section 20(4).


  • Selskar College affirms that the Principal shall, after admitting a student from another second level school notify the Principal of said school that he/she has registered said student.


  • Selskar College affirms that the Principal must maintain a record of attendance and non-attendance on each school day or part thereof of each student registered at the school, which specifies the fact of attendance or failure to attend and the reasons for such failure.


  • Selskar College affirms that the Principal must notify the Educational Welfare Board as follows:


  • Where a student is suspended for a period of not less than 6 days.


  • Where the aggregate number of school days on which a student is absent (for whatever reason) during a school year is not less than 20 days.


  • Where, for whatever reason, a student’s name is removed from the register in accordance with the Education (Welfare) Act 2000 Section 20(4) and under Section 3.2 above.


  • Where in the opinion of the Principal, a student is not attending school regularly and the reasons for such non-attendance.  In addition, such information should be available to the Board of Management, as appropriate.


  • Selskar College affirms that the Principal may at his/her discretion, delegate duties regarding school attendance to other professionals working in the school.


4College’s Responsibility


  • Selskar College maintains a caring and pastoral ethos with regard to students.


  • Selskar College, shall in as far as is possible be required to co-operate with the Educational Welfare Service (TUSLA) and with the Educational Welfare Officer and shall seek to establish good and positive relationships with them.


5Board of Management’s Responsibility


  • The Board of Management of Selskar College shall ensure that the statutory obligations of the college with regard to college attendance and participation are adhered to.


  • The Board of Management of Selskar College shall submit a report on attendance levels in the College to the Educational Welfare Officer, NEWB as required.


  • Selskar College shall ensure that all information is collected and issued in accordance with the Data Protection act (1988).


  • Selskar College shall ensure that an evaluation of the effectiveness of the process, strategy and policy regarding attendance is carried out regularly.


6Statement of strategy:


  • As per The Education (Welfare) act 200 Section 22(1) and 22(2) Selskar College has drawn up a Statement of strategy with regard to attendance/participation, subject to the functions of the Minister pursuant to section 7 (1) of the Education Act 1998 and Co. Wexford V.E.C.


  • Selskar College uses the following strategy to promote good attendance/participation.


  • The development of whole school structures in a positive and pro-active attempt to deal with the issues of attendance and non-attendance, supported by the Pastoral Care programme in the school.

  • The fostering of school and community awareness of the effects on school attendance of the following:

    • Participation by students in employment.

    • Entertainment/social activity.

    • The abuse of alcohol and drugs.

  • Communication with parents.

  • The rewarding of students regarding good attendance/participation.

  • Early identification of “at risk” students.

  • Establishment of a “care team” for the purpose of identifying and supporting “at risk” students.

  • Establishment of close links with the homes of “at risk” students.

  • Fostering, promoting and establishing contacts by the school with other schools and bodies engaged in youth work.

  • The development of whole school structures in a positive and pro-active attempt to deal with issues of attendance/participation.

  • Regular evaluation of the school’s operation as it relates to attendance/participation, with a view to encouraging an atmosphere conducive to good attendance/participation.

  • Reasoning with the student.

  • Reprimand, including advice on how to improve.

  • Loss of privileges.

  • Detention during breaks or outside of school hours.

  • Prescribed additional work – lines are not recommended.

  • Any other strategy that may be of relevance to the needs or circumstances of the school.


  • It is the responsibility of students who are absent from class/school for any reason to find out details of work missed.  This applies also to students who miss class due to sporting or other extra-curricular activities.


In September 2012 an Attendance Strategy Team was formed at the college consisting of:

Eimear Ryan (Principal), Bernie Murphy (HSCL Coordinator), Margaret Jones-Broaders (School SCP Coordinator), Y Whitty & Bernie Lambert (Wexford Town SCP).


A new referral framework for student attendance was agreed and has been circulated to staff.


Since September 2014, the team meet weekly and review the attendance referrals and initiatives, that have taken place and plan for the next month and targeted groups.