Commemorating 1916

Proclamation Day 2016 Lá an Fhorógra 2016
Mon, 28/03/2016 - 21:21

As with all schools throughout the country a Flag Raising Ceremony was held at Selskar College on Tuesday March 15th, 2016.  The programme for the ceremony is shown below.  Students were asked to remember and reflect on the events of 1916, and the meaning of the national flad and reimagine Ireland of the future, that they would lead.


National Anthem

School Choir


Introduction & Welcome

Ms E Ryan


Education Office WWETB

Ms E Leddy


Reading of the Proclamation of 1916

1st Year Students & Teachers


Reading of our Proclamation for a New Generation

6th Year Students


Equality, Fraternity & Citizenship

Mr George Lawlor, Marinewatch, Wexford


Raising of the Tricolour

1st Year History students & Clara Webster (Instrumetal)